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Company Profile

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Mechanical/Electronic Weighing Machine Manufacturer, Marketing and Servicing of Weighing Machine & Weight Bridges. We are also providing “Right Weight Solution for weighing applications in India.


YES YES TECHNOLOGIES –Your Electronic Sources Company having achieved excellence in the field of material handling and automation for the past one decades-will offer the entire range of Mechanical-Electronic weighing scales and weigh bridges with the latest state of Art technology confirming to world class standards.

We are pioneers in the manufacture of testing equipments whose clientele includes large industrial units many more engineering Giants in the country whose operation require stringent quality requirements in the supply of equipment and its maintenance.


YES YES TECHNOLOGIES will combine its expertise with innovative technology aiming at excellence in supplying high quality Mechanical/Electronics comprising the range of jawelery ranges, Retail Scales, Platform Scales, Scales for industrial Applications and Systems

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES lays high emphasis on total quality control for hundred percent reliability and invest continuously on Research and Development for up gradation of technology,

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES has right policy for development of human resource to provide after sales care’ to the weighing scales and weighbridges supplied by them and AMC for all kinds of WEIGHING EQUIPMENT. Our experts who has been in the field for the last thirty years and has been providing perfect weighing solutions to customers’ requirement by supplying and maintaining high quality Mechanical /Electronic Weighing scales and weigh bridges. Will provide the marketing/Service/Manufacturing expertise to YES YES TECHNOLOGIES, a leader who has established a reputation for innovation through Technology by creative excellence.

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES will meet the following requirements

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES Professionally managed company a well established company since 1998

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES having Technically qualified and trained engineers are at the helm of R & D and QA

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES- offer unique and optional extended five year warranty at normal extra cost

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES - our models are approved by Regional Research and Science Laboratory of Govt. of India which automatically approves export to OIML countries

Ministry of Food & Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (Weights & Measures Unit)/ Govt .of India who lay down critical parameter for performance of Electronic weighing equipment.

The controller of Legal Metrology weights and Measures regulation governing each class of weighing scales for commercial use under the standards of Weights & Measures (Enforcement Act 1985).

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES is accredited to American Global standards India issued certificates an ISO 9001:2000 for Design, Manufacture, Supply and Servicing of Weighing Scales Critical components are sourced from ISO Certified manufacturers & CE approved vendors.


YES YES TECHNOLOGIES Our promoters behind this Weighing Division already has reputation for proactive customer service, good ethical practices. Dedicated teamwork and a long-term approach towards building permanent and durable client relationship

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES will bring about an excellent combination of manufacturing expertise and marketing experience to provide precise solution for weighing requirement

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES will also be provide Industrial automation and customized solutions based on the most exacting requirement of the engineering achieved over the years

YES YES TECHNOLOGIES Will offer excellent after sales service and our weighing solutions & implementations at- YES YES TECHNOLOGIES springs our of Market Demands & Needs rather than out of technical opportunism

Our rates are very competitive without compromising on product quality .We have several satisfied customer’s and wish you will patronize us and be a part of out valuable customer list

Should you need more information / Clarifications, please call us at your convenient time. We shall be happy to meet you in person before finalizing your valuable orders

Assuring you at your best attention and looking forward to your esteemed orders.

So choose us for all your weighing needs, please send your enquires to for providing the latest technology with precision and accuracy providing cost effective solutions.

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